Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back for 2009

Hooray for 2009! I've been off the grid for the holidays, but I'm back, with lots of new exciting projects for the new year. I plan to give a number of talks on nutrition around California, and now I'm completely sugar free and taking copious notes for my program, Taming the Sugar Beast, which will consist of a teleconference call January 23rd, a handout which contains all my secrets to reducing cravings and explanations way we love the carbs so damn much. I'm excited to be incorporating the phone into this program. I mentor new Nutrition Consultants on a monthly call, and it is great to sidestep the issue of location and commute. It really doesn't get any more convenient! To learn more about this program go to my website here:

I just finished watching FAT: What no one is telling you, a PBS special. Very interesting, a good reminder of what a complicated issue weight is. I did go nuts whenever the medical professionals told people just to cut calories and reduce fat, it takes so many years for cutting edge scientifically based information to enter mainstream medicine, it's ridiculous. I also went crazy when the couple who had hired personal trainers, doctors and therapists still didn't have a clue how to prepare a healthy meal. Clearly people need what I have to offer.